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We take a look at some of the ways you can improve your balance so you can gain better control over your paddleboard. 


Engage your core

During your stroke, try to brace your torso rather than release the tension. Otherwise, it can throw you off your center point, causing instability. If you’re finding it difficult to maintain that tension, then it may be worth attempting to strengthen your core through additional exercise.  

There are plenty of exercises you can do that not only improve the strength of your core, but also your legs, both of which play a major part in keeping your balance. Try squats, yoga, pilates, skateboarding, or trail running.  


Use a balance board 

Balance boards provide excellent core training while giving you a chance to practice keeping your balance without the need to head into the water.  

The feeling you get standing on one of these is pretty similar to being on a paddleboard while it tips from side to side, as this board rocks back and forth from a central balance point.  

Try practicing your paddle stroke technique while you’re on it; it’s a great way to challenge yourself further and better prepare yourself for rough waters and board wakes.  


Don’t shrug and keep your legs dynamic

When you’re paddleboarding, you really need to pay attention to your body. Besides keeping your core engaged, you also…

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