Last updated on 14 9 月, 2021 at 05:21 下午

Match Vidoe/ Premiere of 2017 Top-Speed All Star Karting Challenge

credit : 極速超跑 TKOC Karting Series

Tick-Tock Tick-Tock, 7 more days to down for “2017 Top-Speed All Star Karting Challenge” at LihPao Racing Park! Let’s take a look at the video to find out how many competitors from how many countries join our race this year! Ladies and gentleman, are you ready for the ultimate kart racing?

25th~26th November, Live streaming of races. Stay tune with us.

極速超跑TKOC第二屆麗寶全明星挑戰賽,各方人馬已緊鑼密鼓備戰中,來自全球 (真的是全球) 的頂尖選手同場競技,戰況更加盛大,為台灣卡丁車賽事第一次以亞洲區等級舉辦的賽事~