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Introducing the EZ Kayak Launch. Making it EZ for Kayaks, Canoes, and Paddleboards to get on and off the water.

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The EZ Kayak Launch is a one piece rotationally molded unit designed to give you easier access to the water. The Launch works with many items including Kayaks, Canoes, and even Paddle Boards. When you go to get on the EZ Kayak Launch, you will notice how wide the opening is. The Launch provides you plenty of room to access your boat or board. It is extremely stable under foot, and you will feel complete security. Once you’re ready to access the water the horizontal ladder on the sides allows you to ease into the water with either your oars, or hands. When your journey is complete, the self-centering “V” void in the launch guides your boat or board into the launch. Use the horizontal ladder holds with your hands or oar and you’re ready to go.

-Wide opening for easy in and out
-Fits on EZ Dock, traditional wood docks, and aluminum docks
-No hardware necessary
-V entry auto centers kayak
-Horizontal ladder works with hands or oar

SOURCE Extreme Pro Taiwan 極限酷佬台灣計劃 [original_date[from_thumb]